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Gateway to Peace relies on the support of community members to keep its program going. We estimate that each Peace Museum event costs approximately $80.00 per event hour, which means that an eight hour (full-day) event will cost the Museum $640. However, our goal is to provide our program to schools and community organizations free of charge. We cannot do this without the help of generous individuals like you!

It's easy to contribute - just use the secure Pay Pal account below to make a donation.

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GPM is now set-up on eBay Giving. People selling on eBay can set a designated percentage of their final price to be donated to GPM. Those buying on eBay can choose to make a donation to GPM at check-out. (MissionFish manages the donation program for eBay.) This is a quick and easy way to support us! Check out our giving page at:



GPM is free of charge to the community, but does accept donations from event sites that are able to make one. Here's an easy way for your group or school to make that donation: hold a “Pennies for Peace Making” campaign to help raise money for supplies and travel expenses of the Museum!

If you wish for your school or organization to participate in the campaign, GPM will provide you with collection containers and a letter to copy and send home with students 3 weeks before the Museum is to visit your school. You can then determine how long you wish to run the campaign.

Students may donate change, bills or checks made payable to GPM. At the end of the campaign the monies will need to be counted and a check written to the Museum for the whole amount.

Some fun ideas to get students involved in the Pennies for Peace Making campaign are:

Pay $1 (or whatever amount you choose) to wear a hat to school, wear jeans, eat lunch with a teacher, wear pajamas, listen to their iPod at lunch, etc.

Challenge each class or grade to raise the most by awarding them with extra recess or PE time.


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