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Gateway to Peace relies on the support of community members to keep its program going. We estimate that each Peace Museum event costs approximately $80.00 per event hour, which means that an eight hour (full-day) event will cost the Museum $640. However, our goal is to provide our program to schools and community organizations free of charge. We cannot do this without the help of generous individuals like you!

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The Gateway to Peace Museum asks each community group that it visits to provide the following:

Schedule a short planning meeting with our Director at your organization 1-2 month prior to your event.

Enough space to set up the exhibits you requested (not necessarily in one room). A gymnasium is perfect, although cafeterias, theaters, assembly rooms, multiple classrooms or hallways also work. Check local fire codes if you decide to use hallways.

Five electrical outlets, preferably on different circuits to avoid overloading.

One volunteer, preferably at least 21 years old, per every exhibit requested  (Must be able to attend one hour of training prior to the event). Teachers, Counselors and Aides are strongly encouraged to stay with their groups and be a “Peace Guide” or assist, so they can continue the peaceful learning experiences later. 

Name tags on each child and volunteer (optional). It is suggested they be put on the children prior to coming to the Gateway to Peace Museum to save time.

Maximum number of children per tour depends on the number of volunteers provided (Up to 120 children per session/hour if enough space and volunteers, with one adult for every four children or per every exhibit)

Kindergarten through fifth grade (typically). We do have exhibits appropriate for younger and older children if advance notice is given. Special needs children can be accommodated with counselors.

Children tour by age/grade or by cabin/class.

Insurance coverage provided by your organization to cover all children and volunteers. This should be considered an “in-house” field trip and planned accordingly.

“Site Visit Agreement” signed by the leader of your organization authorizing the Gateway to Peace Museum to be at your school.

Click here to Download the Site Agreement

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